Walking In Rossendale

Walking in Rossendale is a fantastic way to explore the area. The Valley is home to reservoirs and landmarks such as Musbury Tor, Hailstorm Hill and the Halo.

Below are some town centre walks with beautiful sceneries that you are guaranteed to enjoy. There are many high quality food and drink establishments along the way, and they are often locally owned.

Haslingden Library  

Start your walk from outside the library in Haslingden. Walk down Deardengate, pass the local shops and turn left onto Manchester Road at the traffic lights in the centre of town. Walk along Manchester Road until you come to the zebra crossing opposite Haslingden Health Centre. Cross the road here. Turn left and walk past the Methodist Church until you see the entrance to the Greenfield Memorial Gardens Park.  

Enter the park and follow the path to the children’s playground. Walk alongside the park and turn left in front of the play park. Follow the path towards the Bowling green hut. Go past the bowling green hut and take the park exit that leads onto Ryefield Avenue. Turn right onto Ryefield Avenue and walk briefly to meet Helmshore Road. Turn left onto Helmshore Road and walk down past houses until you see the main entrance to Victoria Park.  

Enter the park and take the path to the right. Feel free to take the opportunity to use the outdoor gym facilities that you will see on your left. Follow the path until you come to the children’s playground. Take the path in between the park and the bowling green and then via left till you arrive at the gate. Exit the park. Follow the path running behind the housing estate and onto Park Avenue.  

Walk up to the top of Park Avenue, up a gentle incline, until you arrive at the junction opposite the Rose and Crown Pub. Turn left onto Manchester Road. Make your way along Manchester Road back to The Health Centre in Haslingden. Use the zebra crossing to cross back over. Retrace your steps back to library by turning right at the lights in the centre. 

Bacup Library 

The walk starts from the library in the centre of Bacup. Use the zebra crossing in front of the library and then turn right onto Market Street. Make your way along Market Street taking in the bird sculptures to your right. The designs for the sculptures were developed through a series of Community Art Workshops. Keep walking until you come to Marios Restaurant. Cross over the road. Continue walking until you see Lodge Lane which is signposted as a public footpath.  

Follow the path up Lodge Lane keeping to the left. Keep walking until you come out onto the housing estate. Turn right here and make your way along the road till you come to a small seating area called ‘The View.’  Take the path down the side of the view passed the small red post box. Take the path to the right. This is a tricky decent, which leads to steep narrow steps. * Turn left here. (Do not go down the next steps which take you back onto on main road)  

This path runs adjacent to the main road, behind the bird sculptures until it eventually meets the main road. Retrace your steps back along Market Street and back to the library.  

*Please be aware there is currently no handrail. The steps are steep so use with caution. Alternatively go straight on at The View to avoid this part of the walk.  

Rawtenstall Bus Station 

From the main bus station make your way onto Kay Street. Walk to the end of Kay Street and turn left in front of the cricket grounds. Once opposite the health centre use the pedestrian crossing to cross over. Continue along Bacup Road. Take the first right after Nino’s restaurant. Go under the subway and cross over the river. Turn left in front of the houses called ‘Merry Trees’ row. 

Follow the path in front of the houses and keep going until the path turns right leading up between fields. Make your way up the gradual incline and turn right before the private house. Walk to the gate. From here you will have views over Rossendale ski slope. Go through the gate and keep to path following it round passed the chimney. You will then come to another gate. Go through the gate.  

Make your way down the path until you reach some garages. Make your way past the garages onto the top of Yaraville street. Walk down Yaraville Street and turn right onto Fallbarn Cresent. At the bottom of Fallbarn Cresent via right to follow the river. Once you arrive back at the row of houses called Merry Trees cross back over the river, under the subway and retrace your steps back along Bacup Road. Cross again in from of the health centre. Turn right up past the cricket grounds onto Kay Street and make your way back to the bus station.  

Waterfoot Library 

Head onto the main road and walk past the local shops and the Co-op. Make your way past The Royal Hotel and keep going until you reach the Texaco garage. Cross over the road here and go through the stoned entrance which is signposted as a public footpath.  

Follow the path up the gradual incline till you come out on the housing estate. Turn left. When you reach the village shops turn right up the hill. Make your way past the new housing estate, which is on your right, and up Staghills Road. You will pass St Nicholas Church before reaching the main road.  

Turn right at Turnpike House and make your way back down to the main road which leads back into Waterfoot town centre. It is a right turn at the bottom of Turnpike. You will pass Trickett’s Memorial Garden on your way back to the library. 

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