Perched atop the hills overlooking Haslingden lies The Halo. A striking Panopticon sculpture that stands as a beacon of artistry and innovation. With its impressive 18-meter diameter and modern steel construction, The Halo captivates visitors both day and night. Illuminated by state-of-the-art LED technology, it bathes the surrounding landscape in a brilliant blue hue, creating a surreal spectacle that appears to defy gravity and hover above the town.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, The Halo offers a panoramic vista of the Rossendale Valley. You will take in sweeping views that encompass iconic landmarks such as Darwen Tower, Peel Tower, and on clear days, even the distant peaks of the Derbyshire Pennines. This breathtaking scenery serves as a testament to the natural beauty of Lancashire. This underscores the significance of The Halo as a cultural landmark within the region.

History of The Halo

As the sole Panopticon in Rossendale, The Halo holds a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Installed in 2007, it is part of a larger initiative known as the Panopticons project, a collaborative effort between Mid Pennine Arts, the Lancashire Economic Partnership, and the East Lancashire Environmental Arts Network. This project aims to rejuvenate the landscape and revitalise communities by integrating art into the natural environment.

It is one of four Panopticons in East Lancashire along with the Singing Ringing Tree in Burnley, Colourfields in Blackburn, and The Atom in Colne. Residents and schoolchildren have played an integral role in the development of these sculptures, participating in workshops and contributing to the artistic vision.

The Halo embodies the spirit of renewal and transformation that characterises the Lancashire region. It serves as a symbol of resilience, creativity, and community collaboration. It invites visitors to engage with art, culture, and nature in a profound and meaningful way. Whether exploring its futuristic form against the backdrop of the valley or marvelling at the ingenuity of its design, The Halo promises an unforgettable experience for all who encounter it.


Cribden End Ln, Rossendale BB4 5AD

See The Halo’s location on a map by clicking HERE.

There is a small amount of free parking at the base of The Halo, with more free parking in Haslingden’s Town Centre.