Lee Quarry Trial Centre Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking Haven: Lee Quarry Trial Centre

Nestled amidst the hills, two abandoned quarries have been repurposed into a haven for mountain biking enthusiasts. These trails are always evolving, resulting in an extensive network of red and black graded cross-country trails within Lee and Cragg Quarries.

Lee Quarry boasts approximately 8km of tough technical mountain bike trails. Featuring challenging elements such as rock gardens, drop-offs, and more, these trails are designed to push riders’ boundaries. In addition, there’s a highly popular pump track, purpose-built cycle trial areas, and a dedicated skills development area. These are all designed to enhance riders’ skills.

Lee Quarry serves as the starting point for the Rolling Boar Trails, offering routes for riders of all levels around Rossendale.

Full-Day Adventure

There’s ample parking and nearby dining options within Bacup town centre. Lee Quarry invites visitors to immerse themselves in a full day of mountain biking adventures. Lee Quarry Trial Centre stands as a central attraction in Adrenaline Valley, thanks to its bold biking tracks. Access to the trails is free. However, there’s an emphasis on mutual respect among users, regardless of their mode of transportation.

Alternative Cycle Routes

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