Weavers Cottage


From a time when people were matching old traditions with new technology; Rawtenstall’s Weavers Cottage has been around over centuries, a rare survivor from a forgotten age. Making it a brilliant heritage site, currently an 18th century loom shop; found in the heart of Rawtenstall.

This is a brilliant heritage site. From the end of the road in front of the ‘Cottage’ – really an 18th century ‘loomshop’,  – you can see the gables of the water powered mill where the wool was spun for its hand loom weavers. You can also see the chimney on the hillside built for the steam engine that took over from water power in the 1830s. In 1848 a railway track (now the by-pass) joined the roads, and in 1856 the magnificent Ilex Mill was built, giving us a possibly unique group of buildings which tell the story of the Industrial Revolution from its earliest days to its full glory.

If you are lucky enough to find the Cottage open, you will be welcome to see the working handlooms on the top floor, original features such as the fireplaces, and learn more of how people lived and the town developed in the 19th century. Visitors will learn about the development of industry within Rossendale and Rawtenstall, with the cottage being the local original weaving manufacturer, prior to the introduction of powered looms and mills in the area.

From a small cottage, to a place of manufacture. The Weaver Cottage welcomes families to visit and find out more about the history of the building and its place within the town’s evolution. Making it a must see, when visiting Rawtenstall.

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